I originally created Simiya when I got homesick for the Caribbean in the late 1990s. When searching the Web I discovered to my surprise that it was difficult to find sites that were not dedicated to tourism, general interest, politics/news or music. My nostalgic desires demanded more, so I decided to create a site about the forgotten vibrance of the region, its art.

Though search engines make the quest easier, Simiya continues to attract artists who want a simple site to promote their work.

Some of you have asked about the origin of this site’s title. “Simiya” is part of the Jamaican vocabulary meaning “Here I am”. It is actually a truncation of the phrase “See me here”. I thought this would be a fitting title for this visual directory for lovers of the Caribbean. Simiya is a universal word also meaning “seed” in Papiamentu, the language of the Dutch Caribbean. I also recently discovered that Simiya is an East African surname and surprisingly the name of a religious movement in Yemen.

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